App Insights Overview

App Insights provides detailed, real-time, searchable reports and visualizations derived from your signals data. It also provides alerts and triggers to notify you when specific events occur.

Signals data from Fusion 3.x or earlier will not produce useful visualizations in App Insights. Signals generated with Fusion 4.0 will produce the best results.
  • To open App Insights from the Fusion workspace, navigate to Analytics > Insights.

  • To switch apps while in App Insights, hover over Apps, and then click a different app.

  • To exit App Insights, hover over Apps, and then click Return to Fusion:

    Exit App Insights

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App Insights pages

When App Insights is open, you can hover over the left navigation panel to reach these pages:

  • Analytics button Dashboards

    View graphs and tables about:

    • requests

    • queries

    • results

    • clicks

    • users

    • sessions

    You can filter by timeframe or by the content of the data, and create custom reports.

  • Events button Events

    View histograms and timelines about events, filtered by:

    • event type

    • users

    • request/response information

    You can also create custom reports about events here.

  • Sessions button Sessions

    View charts and timelines about search events, filtered by:

    • user

    • subject

    • event duration

    • events per session

  • Analytics button Analytics

    A variety of standard reports are available here. You can also define custom reports to suit your needs.

  • Experiment Results button Experiment results

    If you have configured an experiment, you can see visualizations about the results here.


App Insights provides a standard set of reports, plus the ability to create custom reports. Standard reports are located on the Analytics page, while custom reports can be defined on the Dashboard, Events, or Analytics pages. Report data can be filtered by time or by free text search, and reports can be exported by clicking Export table button Export table.