Fusion AI 4.0.0 Release Notes


Release date: 21 February 2018

Fusion AI is a license-controlled subset of Fusion features. Starting with Fusion 4.0, a Fusion Server license enables the basic Fusion feature set, while a Fusion AI license enables these additional features:

  • Signals

  • App Insights (new in 4.0)

  • Smart jobs

    • ALS Recommender Jobs

    • Bisecting KMeans Clustering Jobs

    • Cluster Labeling Jobs

    • Co-Occurrence Similarity Jobs

    • Collection Analysis Jobs

    • Document Clustering Jobs

    • Ground Truth Jobs

    • Head/Tail Analysis Jobs (new in 4.0)

    • Item Similarity Recommender Jobs

    • Levenshtein Spell Checking Jobs

    • Logistic Regression Classifier Training Jobs

    • Matrix Decomposition-Based Query-Query Similarity Jobs

    • Outlier Detection Jobs

    • Random Forest Classifier Training Jobs

    • Ranking Metrics Jobs

    • SQL-Based Experiment Metric Jobs

    • Statistically Interesting Phrases Jobs

    • Token and Phrase Spell Correction Jobs (new in 4.0)


    • Experiments API

    • Recommendations API

    • Signals Aggregator API

    • Signals API

  • Index pipeline stages

    • Machine Learning index stage

    • OpenNLP NER Extractor index stage

    • Signal Formatter index stage

    • Update Experiment index stage

  • Query pipeline stages

    • Advanced Boosting query stage

    • Analytics Catalog query stage

    • Experiment query stage

    • Machine Learning query stage

    • More Like This query stage

    • Recommend Items for Item query stage

    • Recommend Items for User query stage

    • Recommendation Boosting query stage

New features

  • App Insights

    App Insights provides detailed, real-time, searchable reports and visualizations derived from your signals data. It also provides alerts and triggers to notify you when specific events occur.

    Pre-4.0 signals data will not produce useful visualization in App Insights. New signals generated with Fusion 4.0 will produce the best results.
  • New jobs

    • Head/Tail Analysis

      Perform head/tail analysis of queries from collections of raw or aggregated signals, to identify underperforming queries and the reasons. This information is valuable for configuring better synonyms, auto-suggest, recommendations, and so on, in order to improve conversion rates.

    • Token and Phrase Spell Correction

      Extract tail tokens (one word) and phrases (two words) and find similarly-spelled head tokens and phrases. If several matching heads are found for each tail, the job can compare and pick the best correction using multiple configurable criteria.


  • Experiment management features

    The Fusion UI now includes interfaces for running and managing experiments.

Other changes

  • Bisecting Kmeans Clustering Jobs are now called Document Clustering Jobs

  • The data structure for signals has changed

    See Signals for complete details about the new structure.

  • The Experiments API is no longer experimental

    The API and other experiments features are now fully functional.

  • Aggregator API is deprecated

    The /aggregator endpoints are deprecated in this release. Aggregations are now managed through the /spark endpoints.