Fusion AI 4.2.1 Release Notes


Release date: 5 April 2019

Component versions:

Solr 7.5

ZooKeeper 3.4.13

Spark 2.3.2

Jetty 9.4.12.v20180830

Ignite 2.6.0

New features

No new features were introduced in Fusion AI 4.2.1.

See the Fusion Server 4.2.1 release notes for other changes.


  • In the _user_query_history_aggregation SQL aggregation job, the default value of the signalTypeWeights SQL parameter has been changed from click:1.0,add-to-cart:10.0,purchase:25.0 to request:1.0,click:5.0,cart:10.0,purchase:25.0 to add request signals so that all signal types are included in these aggregations.

  • Query Rewriting UI improvements:

    • Facet groups can now be collapsed and expanded for easier viewing.

    • Query rewrites are now faceted by tag.

    • The Apply Rules query pipeline stage has a new parameter, Partially Matched Filter Queries Will Trigger the Rule/matchPartialFilterQueries, which allows a rule to fire when it is configured with multiple Field Value conditions and only some of those conditions are matched.

    • The Misspelling Detection page now has a Published column.

  • Manually-created query rewrites are now automatically assigned a review value of "Approved" and the Review field is no longer editable in the query rewrite creation interface.

  • Fixed an issue which broken rules with banner actions when the Banner Zone field value was an integer.

  • Better checks for duplicate rewrites.

  • Uni-directional synonyms are now working correctly in the query_rewrite_staging collection and the Simulator.

  • A manually-created head/tail query improvement now has its action field correctly populated.

    • A variety of minor UI issues were fixed.