Fusion AI

Fusion AI AI overview is a suite of features for building smart business applications that personalize the user experience for your customers and employees. It augments the Fusion Server platform with recommendations and personalization, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning technology.

You design the intelligence that you want to add to your search applications, then let Fusion AI run the jobs that automatically generate intelligent data to drive those personalized search experiences. Fusion AI gives you insight into the results so you can fine-tune them to meet your organization’s goals.

Recommendations and personalization

Recommendations can personalize the search experience by suggesting items that are likely to interest the user, independent of the user’s current query, if any. Auto-generated recommendations can be based on the user’s activity history, the aggregated activity history of all users, or similarities between items.

You can also use business rules to design your own recommendations based on a wide range of factors. For example, you can configure business rules to recommend seasonal items, to redirect the user based on specific keywords, or to boost or block certain items based on attributes of the user’s profile.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP drives intelligent search by calculating the intent behind a query and identifying other queries that can also fulfill that intent. Queries that aren’t exact matches for the desired results can be corrected and optimized with NLP to return the results most likely to satisfy users and increase click-through rates.

Machine learning

With Fusion AI’s Apache Spark integration, you can input a training model that enables ongoing machine learning so that your smart applications produce increasingly effective results automatically. Machine learning enables Smart Answers, A/B testing (aka experiments), and content analysis.

Predictive Merchandiser

Predictive Merchandiser is an AI-powered merchandising tool that provides insights and recommendations for optimizing search results and product placement.

Predictive Merchandiser Board

Predictive Merchandiser is a separate offering from Fusion AI. See the Predictive Merchandiser documentation for more information.

Get Fusion AI

No additional installation is needed to enable Fusion AI. Simply ask your Lucidworks representative for a Fusion AI license, then install it in your existing Fusion instances.