V1 Connector

The Box connector retrieves data from a cloud-based data repository. To fetch content from multiple Box users, you must create a Box app that uses OAuth 2.0 with JWT server authentication. For limited testing using a single user account, you can create a Box app that uses Standard OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Changes for V2

The V2 connector SDK provides a distributed behavior, so prefetch logic is no longer required.

Request batching is deprecated with the Box 2.39.0 release

While crawling with folders as start links on the Box connector, the crawling user (JWT App User ID) must either:

  • Be the owner of folders

  • Have access to the start links folders

The startLinks defined for the datasource must include the numeric Box file and directory IDs. The root directory of any Box account has an ID of 0 (zero). If you want to crawl your entire Box repository, you should enter '0'.