List Tasks

Get a list of tasks that Managed Search has created to perform long-running operations, for example, when creating and deleting clusters.


Send an HTTP request with these elements.

Element Description





Optionally, you can use a query string to specify request parameters that limit the size of the list.

Request header fields

Request header fields specify metadata for the request. For example, the Authorization header contains the OAuth2 access token.

Message body


Request parameters

Optionally, you can use a query string to limit the size of the list by the number of tasks (count), an earliest time (after), or both. By default, the list is limited to the 100 most recent tasks.

(Optional) To limit the number of tasks included in the list, include either or both of these request parameters:

  • count – Limit the list of tasks to this number of tasks.

    When the count parameter is omitted, the default limit is 100.

  • after – Limit the list of tasks to tasks after the specified date and time. Specify the date and time in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) using a Solr date format (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ) or a Solr date math expression.

    When the after parameter is omitted, the default timeframe is NOW-1HOUR.

These are examples:

  • 2019-09-01T08:00:00Z: Tasks submitted since 8:00 AM UTC on September 1, 2019.

  • NOW-3DAYS: Tasks submitted in the three days prior to the current moment.


A response from a request to get the status of a task contains these elements.

Element Description

Status line

The status line contains the status code and the reason phrase.

Response header fields

Response header fields specify metadata about the response.

Message body

JSON object that contains status information for the task and for any subtasks. You don’t need to consider subtasks.


Get a list of tasks. Limit the list to the tasks to 50 tasks and to those that were initiated in the last two days.


curl "" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer accessTokenManagedSearch"


  "tasks": [
      "id": 124,
      "clusterId": "prod-2",
      "description": "create cluster prod-2",
      "progress": 100,
      "status": "completed"
      "id": 123,
      "clusterId": "prod-1",
      "description": "create cluster prod-1",
      "progress": 100,
      "status": "completed"
      "id": 121,
      "clusterId": "test-4",
      "description": "delete cluster test-4",
      "progress": 100,
      "status": "completed"