Modify Attributes of a Collection using PATCH

Using the PATCH method, modify one or more attributes of a Solr collection from a subset of attributes that can be modified. The operation is atomic; either all attributes are updated or none of them are (if the operation fails).

This topic describes how to edit a collection in Managed Search using the API. For instructions using the UI, see Manage Collections in Managed Search UI.


Send an HTTP request with these elements.

Element Description





Request header fields

Request header fields specify metadata for the request. For example, the Authorization header contains the OAuth2 access token.

Message body

JSON object that specifies the collection attributes that you want to modify

Collection attributes


A response from a request to modify attributes of a collection in a Solr cluster contains these elements.

Element Description

Status line

The status line contains the status code and the reason phrase.

Response header fields

Response header fields specify metadata about the response.

Message body

JSON object that specifies the modified values of the collection attributes.



curl -vs -X PATCH "${cluster-id}/collections/{collection-id}" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer $accessTokenManagedSearch"