Configure Highlighting in the Query Workbench

Search results can be displayed with the search terms highlighted, by adding these Solr query parameters to the Additional Query Parameters stage of the query pipeline:

  • hl=true

  • hl.fl=*

By default, the Query Workbench ignores these parameters when rendering search results. To view highlighted search results in the preview panel of the Query Workbench, you must configure the parameters above and enable the Display highlighting option.

How does this differ from other highlight methods?
How to enable highlighting in the preview panel
  1. Add the Additional Query Parameters stage to your query pipeline, or select it if it is already there.

  2. Under Parameters and Values, add the following query parameters and values:

    Highlighting params

  3. Click Apply.

    At this point, no highlighting appears in the preview panel.

  4. At the bottom of the window, click Format Results.

  5. Select Display highlighting.

    Highlighting option

  6. Click Save.

    Now our search results include highlighted search terms:

    Highlighted search terms