Configure SSL for App Studio

App Studio can be served over HTTPS using SSL encryption. You can use the default keystore for development and testing, or use your own keystore for production. Then, invoke the App Studio startup script using the SSL parameters.

SSL keystore

We include a keystore file with a default self-signed key for development and testing.

For proper security in a production environment, import your own keystore into the keystore.jks file, or copy it to a new file. If you copy it to a new file, use the -Dtwigkit.keystore.file (described below) to specify its location.

SSL parameters

To enable SSL, you specify the following parameters on the command line when invoking the startup script:

Parameter Description Default


Enable SSL.



Set the port.



The keystore path/filename, relative to the app-studio directory.



The keystore password.



The name of the key in the keystore to be used.