Use the UI to Create Custom Rules

For My Custom Rules to show in the UI, you must first create a custom_rule_type via the Query Rewrite API.
  1. Navigate to Relevance > Query Rewriting.

  2. Under Business Rules, click View.

  3. Click click the Add icon icon.

    The New Rule window appears.

  4. Enter the general parameters and conditions for this custom rule.

  5. Under Action, select My Custom Rule.

  6. Select the query pipeline to use when this rule is triggered.

  7. Enter a name for this custom rule type.

  8. Optionally, you can click Add under Return Parameter Policy Override to override the value of a parameter returned from the specified pipeline:

    1. Enter the name of the parameter.

    2. Enter the desired value.

    3. Select one of the following policies:

      • Replace the returned value with the specified value.

      • Append the specified value to the returned value.

      • Remove the specified parameter from the set of returned parameters.

      • Default

    4. Enter a value for From Custom Rule.