Create a Helm Upgrade Script

Once you deploy a working cluster, we recommend using the upgrade script created by the script. The upgrade script hard-codes the various parameters and alleviates the need to remember which parameters to pass to the script. This is especially helpful when working with multiple K8s clusters. Make sure you check the script into version control alongside your custom values YAML files.

Whenever you make a change to one of the custom values yaml files for your cluster, you need to run the upgrade script to apply the changes. The script simply calls helm upgrade with the correct parameters and --values options. Remember that if you run helm upgrade without passing the custom values yaml files, the deployment will revert back to using chart defaults, which you never want to do.

The script assumes your kubeconfig is pointing to the correct cluster; if not, it fails fast. Be sure to select the correct kubeconfig before running the script. The script also assumes the use of Helm v3.