Delete A Connector

You can delete a connector using the Fusion UI or the Blob Store API.

Deleting a connector using the Fusion UI

  1. In the Fusion UI, navigate to System > Blobs.

  2. Under Connector Plugin, select the connector to delete.

  3. Click Delete Blob.

    Delete a connector

    Fusion prompts you to confirm that you want to delete the blob.

  4. Click Yes, Delete.

    The connector disappears from the blob list.

Deleting a connector using the REST API

  1. Get the list of blobs of the connector plugin type:

    curl -u user:pass http://localhost:8764/api/blobs?resourceType=plugin:connector
  2. Locate the connector you want to delete, and copy its ID.

    For example, the Jive connector ID is lucid.jive:

      "name" : "lucid.jive",
      "contentType" : "application/zip",
      "size" : 125302,
      "modifiedTime" : "2017-06-13T17:49:20.171Z",
      "version" : 1570112704530612224,
      "md5" : "7032bf2c038bb2d1e27aee82c056c0fb",
      "metadata" : {
        "connectorBootstrapPluginName" : "lucid.jive",
        "resourceType" : "plugin:connector"
  3. Delete the connector as follows:

    curl -u user:pass -X DELETE http://localhost:8764/api/blobs/<id>

    For example

    curl -u user:pass -X DELETE http://localhost:8764/api/blobs/lucid.jive

    A null response indicates success. You can verify that the connector is deleted like this:

    curl -u user:pass http://localhost:8764/api/blobs | grep lucid.jive