Export a Fusion App

To export a Fusion app, you can use either the Fusion UI or the Objects API.

When upgrading from one Fusion version to a later one, you must use the migrator to migrate objects. The migrator automates the process of translating relevant objects to the new version. Exporting an object from one Fusion version and importing it into a different Fusion version isn’t supported.

Export an app with the Fusion UI

How to export an app with the Fusion UI
  1. Navigate to the launcher.

  2. Hover over the app you want to export and click the Configure icon:

    App config button

  3. In the app config window, click Export app to zip:

    Export app to zip

    This downloads a zip file that you can import into other instances of Fusion Server.

Export an app with the Objects API

The examples below show how to export one or more apps:

Export all apps
curl -u user:pass http://localhost:8764/api/objects/export?type=app > all-apps.zip
Get all app IDs, then export one app by ID
> curl -u user:pass http://localhost:8764/api/apps

[ {
  "id" : "movies",
  "name" : "Movies",
  "description" : "Search the movielens database.",
  "dataUri" : "/App-Tile-01-460x160.png",
  "properties" : {
    "headerImageName" : "headerImage1",
    "tileColor" : "apps-darkblue",
    "previousCollectionId" : "movies"
}, {
  "id" : "tech-pubs",
  "name" : "TechPubs",
  "description" : "Search the documentation.",
  "dataUri" : "/App-Tile-02-460x160.png",
  "properties" : {
    "headerImageName" : "headerImage2",
    "tileColor" : "apps-darkblue",
    "previousCollectionId" : "tech-pubs"
} ]

> curl -u user:pass http://localhost:8764/api/objects/export?app.ids=tech-pubs > techpubs.zip
When you export an app that includes objects that are shared with other apps, then all apps linked to that object are also exported.
Export two apps by ID
curl -u user:pass http://localhost:8764/api/objects/export?app.ids=tech-pubs,movies > two-apps.zip
For the app object type, the deep parameter is not used. Linked objects are always included when exporting apps.