Fetch Items-for-Item Recommendations (Collaborative/BPR Method)

In Fusion 5.2, you can download and import a query pipeline that works out of the box with the default BPR Recommender job.

How to fetch with the imported pipeline for BPR jobs
  1. Download the APPName_item_item_rec_pipelines_bpr.json file.

  2. Rename the file to replace APPName with the name of your Fusion app, such as ProductCatalog_item_item_rec_pipelines_bpr.json.

  3. Open the JSON file, replace all instances of APPName with the name of your Fusion app, such as ProductCatalog, and save it.

  4. Import the JSON file into your Fusion instance using the Query Pipelines REST API:

    curl -u user:pass <fusion_proxy>/api/query-pipelines -XPOST -H 'content-type:application/json' -d@<path/to/filename.json>
  5. In the Fusion UI, navigate to Query > Query Pipelines to verify that the new pipeline is available.

    If the pipeline does not appear in the Query Pipelines panel, you may need to attach it to your app like this: Go to System > Object Explorer, click the In No Apps filter, hover over the pipeline, click the oe app menu icon, and select Add to this app.

No additional configuration is needed to use this pipeline with the default BPR job configuration.