Get Started with Fusion Server Part 1:
Run Fusion and Create an App

1. Setup

These steps explain how to get a temporary instance of Fusion in the cloud so you can try the Quickstart right away. Follow these steps if you don’t already have a running instance of Fusion.

  1. Go to Start Building with Fusion.

  2. Click Try In The Cloud.

    The Instance Details page appears.

    Instance Details page

  3. Scroll down and notice the Instance Links and the Fusion Credentials; you’ll need these in the next step.

  4. Under Instance Links, click the link next to Fusion Admin.

    The Fusion login page appears.

  5. Enter the username and password from your Fusion Credentials.

    The first time you log in, Fusion automatically opens the Quickstart wizard.

2. Create an app

Create a Movie Search app. An app is a set of Fusion objects that performs a specific searching task (such as searching for movies).

  1. In the Fusion launcher, click Create new app.

  2. In the App Name field, enter Movie Search.

  3. In the App Description field, enter App to search for movies.

  4. Click Create App.

    Create new app

    The Movie Search app now appears in the Fusion launcher:

    Movie Search app in launcher

What’s next

You now have Fusion installed, configured, and running. You also have the MovieLens dataset from which you will use a CSV file that contains data about movies. And you have a Fusion app that you will transform into a movie search app.

In Part 2, you’ll use Index Workbench to get the MovieLens dataset into Fusion.

Additional reading