Install A Connector - Fusion 5.1

The steps for installing a connector have changed in newer releases; see Install A Connector - 5.2 and Above.

In Fusion 5.1, connectors are installed using the Connector Plugins Repository API, which accesses Fusion’s built-in repository of plugins.

How to install a connector in Fusion 5.1
  1. List the connectors in Fusion’s repository:

    curl -u admin:Password123 http://fusion-cluster:6764/connectors/repository
  2. In the output, find the ID of the connector you want to install:

    [ {
      "id" : "lucidworks.fs",
      "version" : "2.1.0",
      "sdkVersion" : "2.0.0",
      "location" : "com/lucidworks/connector/plugins/lucidworks.connector.fs/2.1.0/"
      "id" : "lucid.twitter-search",
      "version" : "5.2.0",
      "sdkVersion" : "5.2.0",
      "location" : "com/lucidworks/connector/plugins/lucid.twitter-search/5.2.0/"
    } ]

    In this example, we’ll install the Local Filesystem V2 Connector, whose ID is lucidworks.fs.

  3. Send the connector ID to the API:

    curl -u admin:Password123 -X POST "http://fusion-cluster:6764/connectors/plugins?id=lucidworks.fs"
      "pluginId" : "lucidworks.fs",
      "status" : {
        "action" : "INSTALL",
        "status" : "SUCCESS",
        "message" : "Plugin lucidworks.fs was installed successfully."

After you install a connector, you can Configure A New Datasource.

You can view and download all current and previous V2 connector releases at If you have downloaded a connector, you can install it using the blob store manager.