Install A Connector - 5.2 and Above

When you create a new datasource that requires an uninstalled connector, Fusion 5.2 automatically downloads and installs the connector.

For Fusion 4.x, see Install A Connector - Fusion 4.x. For Fusion 5.1, see Install A Connector - Fusion 5.1.
How to install a connector
  1. In your Fusion App, navigate to Indexing > Datasources.

  2. Click Add.

  3. In the list of connectors, scroll down to the connectors marked Not Installed and select the one you want to install.

    Fusion automatically downloads it and moves it to the list of installed connectors:

After you install a connector, you can Configure A New Datasource.

You can view and download all current and previous V2 connector releases at If you have downloaded a connector, you can install it using the blob store manager.