Troubleshoot the DevOps Center

The DevOps Center is enabled by Fusion’s default configuration. If you find that the DevOps Center is not correctly populated with data, check the following:

  • Check for browser extensions that block HTML5 autoplay.

  • Check that the Fusion log-shipper service is enabled, as it is by default:

    fusion/latest.x/bin/log-shipper status

    If it is not enabled, make sure it is included in the list of default services in fusion.cors ( in Fusion 4.x), as in this example:

    group.default = zookeeper, solr, api, connectors-classic, connectors-rpc, proxy, webapps, admin-ui, sql, log-shipper

    See Configure Fusion logging for additional details.

    If you are running some services on separate nodes, make sure those nodes are also running Fusion’s agent and log-shipper.
  • In fusion.cors ( in Fusion 4.x), check that collectMetrics is "true" and collectMetricsIntervalSecs is set to a reasonable interval:

    # capture host and services metrics
    # and ship them to system_monitor Solr collection
    default.collectMetrics = true
    default.collectMetricsIntervalSecs = 30