Upgrade Fusion with Helm v3

One of the most powerful features provided by Kubernetes and a cloud-native microservices architecture is the ability to do a rolling update on a live cluster. Fusion 5 allows customers to upgrade from Fusion 5.0.2 to a later 5.x.y version on a live cluster with zero downtime or disruption of service.

When Kubernetes performs a rolling update to an individual microservice, there will be a mix of old and new services in the cluster concurrently (only briefly in most cases) and requests from other services will be routed to both versions. Consequently, Lucidworks ensures all changes we make to our service do not break the API interface exposed to other services in the same 5.x line of releases. We also ensure that the stored configuration remains compatible in the same 5.x release line.

Lucidworks releases minor updates to individual services frequently, so you can can pull in those upgrades using Helm at your discretion.

How to upgrade Fusion
  1. Clone the fusion-cloud-native repo, if you haven’t already.

  2. Locate the setup_f5_<platform>.sh script that matches your Kubernetes platform.

  3. Run the script with the --upgrade option.

    To see what would be upgraded, pass the --dry-run option to the script.

The scripts in the fusion-cloud-native repo automatically pull in the latest chart updates from our Helm repository and deploy any updates needed by doing a diff of your current installation and the latest release from Lucidworks.