Use the Synonyms Editor

The Fusion UI provides an interactive synonyms management tool. From the App menu on the left, click COLLECTIONS > Synonyms. Once opened, the Synonyms Manager panel displays the synonyms.txt as a series of editable fields, one per line.

Synonyms Manager in the Fusion UI

To edit the synonym list:
  1. Click the empty field at the bottom of the list.

  2. Enter a new synonym.

    • To create a two-way mapping, in the Mapping column, separate terms with commas.

    • To create a one-way mapping, in the Mapping column, separate terms with =>, or click the arrow button in the Type column.

  3. Move the cursor out of the editor field to add the item.

  4. Click Save in the upper right to keep changes and apply these synonyms to the current collection immediately.

As you change synonym settings, the upper right notification says "Synonyms entry updated". However, the changes do not take effect until you click Save.

Other actions on the Synonyms Manager page include the following:

  • Enter labels in the Category field to identify and group rules (Fusion synonyms only).

  • The "Export" button downloads a CSV file of the synonyms list using your browser’s download capability.

  • The "Import and Save" button lets you import a local CSV file into Fusion.