Managed Search Regions Terminology

This article explains commonly used terminology related to Managed Search regions.


A cell, sometimes referred to as an instance, indicates the server your deployment is running on.

Cells are available in multiple regions to ensure high performance in any location. For example, you can access the cell dg01 in region us-west1 and us-west2.

Managed Search assigns cells automatically according to available capacity.


A region is a geographical area where resources are stored. The service provider determines the region locations.

The user assigns the region in Managed Search.

Availability zone

A zone is location within a region. There can be multiple zones within a region. This redundancy ensures a high level of availability within the region.

Most service providers differentiate zones with a simple alphabetical indicator. For example, GCP’s us-west1 has three availability zones, us-west1-a, us-west1-b, and us-west1-c:

Managed Search Zones

Managed Search assigns zones automatically.