Product Grouping

Predictive Merchandiser makes it easy to group products together so they can be presented to the user. This can be useful when you want to show a product in all of its color variants or the various versions of a product (basic or advanced, for example).

Product Groups

Product groups can be boosted or blocked. If you want to promote a product group that’s on sale, for example, you can boost the group to the top of the results.

You can still apply rules individually to products within a group. This allows you to boost a product based on a specific user’s search behavior. If a user typically favors the color red, you can boost the red variant of the product to the top of the group.

Red Preference

The only grouping formatted supported at this time is group.format=grouped.
If you’re using App Studio to create your search application, you must have groupField=<field> configured as part of its platform.